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The story of Paul Cliff

Navigli Milano

I spent most of my life reading books by authors with unpronounceable names and waiting for the next start as kids wait to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning.

A thousand adventures and several journeys in search of beauty and the discovery of men, virgin landscapes and art.

Wandering from country to country, just to learn about different cultures, to conceive the most mysterious facets of beauty, to make them mine and appreciate art as the result of differents sets of eyes looking at the same subject only to perceive it differently.

Everything around me has art, indeed it is art, the expression of a thought and the concrete form of the emotions of those who create it.

So what, more than a watch could embody the art of a passing moment, or of the time that still awaits us? I realized luxury wasn’t about the object itself, it was simply time. 

This is where my greatest adventure begins, the adventure of Paul Cliff "maker of time" and committed hedonist: I search for art in everyone's everyday life, even in small things, like the watches I build, piece by piece, just in the name of beauty and its eclectic forms of expression.

Paul Cliff - Midnight Cloud

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